Thanks for visiting my page. I am a developer at SmartLogic.

Check out my devblog, Eric's Devblog.

My projects:
  • Aino, a web framework in elixir
  • Kalevala, a multiplayer world builder's toolkit elixir
  • ExVenture, a MUD in elixir
  • Worfcam, keep track of your pets while your away
  • hobostove, a campfire client for the command line
  • letter, rspec style lets in classes
  • Raddocs, a JSON browser for the rspec_api_documentation gem.
  • Rspec API Documentation, as a contributor.
  • The Great Beard Caper, as a member of Team Crog
  • SSVChecker, a static security vulnerability checking plugin for Eclipse, source
  •, a Baltimore Hackathon entry, source
  • Animal game, a 20 questions style game that attempts to guess an answer based your on previous guesses
My presentations:
Eric Oestrich
I am: